“He lightly toasts the candy caps, pulverizes them, then adds them to the flan’s custard base (along with a touch of cream cheese for consistency) where their maple haze comes into full bloom. Candy cap mushrooms are nature’s potpourri. Open a bag, as Beltran did recently and the room is suddenly redolent with the scent of Fall. Maple injects the air with a mouthwatering aroma.”

– Miami Herald


churro doughnuts

cinnamon, menier hot chocolate – 9


candy cap mushroom, sambuca crema, coffee crumble – 6

tres leches

sponge cake, banana cream, vanilla wafer crumble – 8


turtle dulce de leche – 6

homemade ice cream

ask server for today’s selection
each scoop – 2


half past midnight

Tullamore dew, galliano ristretto, espresso, crema, cocoa nibs – 12

con kainen

snow leopard, amaretto disaronno, irish cream, espresso – 13


Amaretto disaronno – 11

Absinthe ordinaire – 11

Frangelico – 12

Chartreuse yellow – 17

Chartreuse green – 19

Kahlua – 12

Galliano – 10

Grand manier – 14

Remy martin v.s.o.p. – 15

Remy martin xo – 58


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